How to sell Antiques & Vintage Jewelry

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How to sell Antiques and Vintage Jewelry


Today’s technology has made how to sell antiques and vintage jewelry very simple .  In determining your asking price , keep in mind that a dealer will need to make a reasonable profit. What is reasonable will depend on the scale, desirability and availability of what you have for sale.  Always reference closed or sold prices whenever possible in determine a reasonable price.  Ebay sold items are an excellent resource.  Asking prices are all over the board and web sites like 1stdibbs are highly unrealistic. Below is a list of information that any dealer or buyer will find useful in determining if your item is right for them.

  • include photographs (put a quarter or other visual aid in photo to reference size and scale)
  • any information you have on item
  • age
  • condition (please note any chips, cracks or other wear that keeps your item from being in mint condition)
  • size
  • marks, signatures, manufacturer and model number (again a photo is useful)
  • what material your item is made from
  • provenance
  • your location
  • asking price

The best way to sell your antiques and vintage jewelry at the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall is to contact our buyer and fill out the form on our web site  With 95 unique dealers we hopefully will have someone who will be excited about purchasing your treasures.


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